AvidLaw Probate

Increase your profitability while minimizing non-billable time

Arizona Probate SoftwareWe at AvidLaw have found that attorneys like you are continually frustrated at how much time is wasted drafting what should be routine pleadings; in keeping forms for pleadings up to date, and especially in revizing forms to match the circumstances of a particular case. That’s why we’ve created an Arizona probate system that helps you streamline your informal probate practice at a price that will improve your profitability.

AvidLaw Probateā„¢ is the perfect tool for your infomal probate practice. Quickly draft over 60 Arizona informal probate documents, review the underlying law, and track important dates and deadlines.

Learn how attorneys across Arizona are saving hours per probate matter, increasing profitability while giving their clients faster, better informal probate service.

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