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AvidLaw has designed custom document assembly applications for some of the largest, most respected law firms, insurance companies, banks and legal publishers throughout the country since 1990.

You deserve the advantages of custom-designed document drafting tools from one of the oldest, most respected certified independent consulting firms in the country. Our document drafting tools are used by lawyers across the country to draft their own unique estate planning, contracts, lending, securities, real estate, finance, and other documents.

Concentrate on the unique aspects of each client’s situation, relying on top drawer document drafting tools to provide quality first drafts that apply your firm’s unique forms and provisions to each matter based on your firm’s expertise. Each new draft comes straight from your carefully considered provisions, so extraneous provisions aimed for one client never surface in another client’s documents. The entire department works from an increasingly robust storehouse of well-crafted text, giving practitioners more peace of mind while turning out quality documents in a fraction of the time.

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