Maximize Your Profits with AvidLaw Probate

AvidLaw Probate helps you maximize your profits by:

Minimizing wasted time
As an attorney time is your most valued resource, that’s why we’ve designed AvidLaw Probate and all of our products to do one thing better than anyone else, save you time.  Attorneys like you are saving, on average, 4 hours on each informal probate they handle with AvidLaw Probate.  Stop wasting time on routine document preparation and start saving time with AvidLaw Probate.

Improving firm productivity
If improving your firm’s productivity is important to you then AvidLaw Probate is the tool to use.  AvidLaw Probate will increase the amount of work you get done and guide you through the entire process so you don’t miss anything.

Reducing errors in pleadings
Typing errors are common when preparing any document, reduce the risk of introducing errors into your pleadings with AvidLaw Probate’s quality and consistency.

Keeping your forms up to date
A great amount of the time wasted in your informal probate practice is wasted updating forms.  With AvidLaw Probate you’ll never update another form again.

Reducing research time
Minimize the time you spend researching case specifics by using AvidLaw Probate’s quick links to Arizona probate statutes.  Get quick access to applicable statutes as you draft your client’s pleadings.

NOTE: We are moving AvidLaw Probate from HotDocs to XpressDox. We can’t offer new AvidLaw Probate licenses before this transition.

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