Frequently Asked Questions


How can I measure the benefits of using AvidLaw Guardians?

AvidLaw Guardians helps you provide great guardianship and conservatorship services to your clients in fewer billable hours. By applying those extra hours to other matters, you can earn hundreds, or sometimes thousands more each year, as follows:

Can I edit the AvidLaw Guardians question screens or document templates?

We couldn’t maintain the integrity of AvidLaw Guardians if we let subscribers tinker with its internal workings. On the other hand, each individual document drafted by AvidLaw Guardians can (and sometimes should) be edited after it has been assembled. In addition, we welcome your suggestions for changes to question screens and document provisions. We will either use your suggestions to improve the product for all subscribers or at least explain the rationale behind our current design. AvidLaw Guardians has already incorporated hundreds of changes resulting from suggestions from Arizona guardianship and conservatorship practitioners. The very first matter you handle using AvidLaw Guardians takes advantage of all these changes that have come in over the years. And each year, the cumulative effect of suggestions from our subscribers grows even more. Our experience is that even skeptical practitioners are quickly satisfied not only with the amazing productivity offered by AvidLaw Guardians, but also with the high standards of quality and professionalism embedded in the provisions of its forms and the logic that drives them.

What Arizona guardianship and conservatorship documents does AvidLaw Guardians help me draft?

AvidLaw Guardians is designed to draft all pleadings and related documents normally drafted by counsel for the fiduciary in an Arizona guardianship or conservatorship. There are over 80 such documents. AvidLaw Guardians forms contain provisions for these documents that apply in many common situations. However, as you should expect, you, the practicing attorney will sometimes need to edit the initial AvidLaw Guardians draft before it is appropriate for the unique needs of your client. You remain responsible for the legal documents you draft for your clients using this efficient productivity tool. Our goal is to continuously improve AvidLaw Guardians based on the needs of our subscribers. We hope that as you encounter situations that require custom drafting, you will bring them to our attention so we can continue to improve AvidLaw Guardians for you and others.

How often is AvidLaw Guardians updated?

We constantly update AvidLaw Guardians. As soon as we become aware of a need or opportunity to improve any form (often directly from a user like you), we quickly assess the situation and make any needed or helpful change. In most cases, most users simply benefit from changes after they have been implemented. In a few cases, we may alert you to specific changes and the reasons they were made. Over time, AvidLaw Guardians gets even more valuable to your practice through this process of continuous improvement.

Can you show me what an AvidLaw Guardians session looks like?

Yes. Please call us at (480) 361-1324 to schedule a Zoom meeting in which we will walk you through a sample session.

What word processors work with AvidLaw Guardians?

AvidLaw Guardians works with most currently used versions of Microsoft Word. AvidLaw Guardians does NOT work with Corel WordPerfect or other non-standard word processors.

What are the system requirements for AvidLaw Guardians?

AvidLaw Guardians works via the Cloud. If you have an Internet connection, you should be able to use AvidLaw Guardians.